Last Day of November

This will not be an exhaustive study of the stock market in November, 2016. But there are several things happening that bear some discussion.

  1. They are dubbing this the “Trump Rally.” I wouldn’t want a rally named after me. The media gives, the media takes away.
  2. I’ve written extensively about the market dip, after the first few days of December, and then the rise about 10 to 15 days later. The December, third Friday, expiration date looms all over this time. After I make my comments, I often say, “but this time is different.” And you know what—this time my be different. I’ll comment as time goes on—especially in regards to Writing Covered Calls.
  3. On other fronts: I’ve heard it said that the target of the upcoming administration, that they want to make America, “the most hospitable place for business in the world.” I hope this becomes a way of life. Did you know isn many ways, our Founding Fathers established this country’s business policies to be a haven for world businesses.
  4. Netflix (NFLX) has announced that it will provide within their service the ability to download content. Once on you phone, you can watch it anywhere—no wifi required—even on airplanes. Apple said that the new IPhone 8 is getting ready to go. It will have a curved screen and battery-charging that will be wireless. Think about that. There are still millions of people that believe that wireless phones next to your head causes brain cancer. What will it be like them when there is power floating through the air? It will be a case for the Power Rangers. Oh, and there’s a new Power Ranger movie on the horizon. It’s just in time. It will be powerful.

That’s it for now, more later.

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