4-Day Week

After President's day, there are 4 days left this week. All day yesterday the news around the world was mostly good. Other markets were up. The Dow futures were set to be up 179 points, and since the open, it's been about that.

  1. GE is heading off to Iran. Sounds weird.
  2. Airlines are bidding big bucks on getting flights to Cuba. 100 or so daily are up for bid. Sounds weird, doesn't it.
  3. Alibaba (BABA) is buying 33,000,000 shares of Groupon (GRPN). Groupon, which was on life-support, is moving up. There may be some covered call plays. This also may be a good keeper, at least as long as the story plays out.
  4. HRL, which just did a 2:1 split on Feb 10th is up almost 10%, based on better-than-expected earnings , and they raised their guidance for the year. Remember, in a stock split, actually just after, there is a sell off, and then many such stocks move up into the next earnings. This one is accelerated, having earnings so close to the split. I think it's a mover, but the news is over for the time being.
We'll keep a watch on several covered call stocks. But the political arena is interesting, and being the political enthusiast that I am, it's distracting.
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