Almost every morning I watch the business news. Funny things happen.

For example: Over the past few weeks, the commentary on the economy has been very positive. Even some very negative people were drowned out,

And then Chairman Powell, our new Federal Reserve Chairman, hints or suggests that the Fed is reluctant to raise rates. Great. But just a few months ago they raised the rates—in the face of good news. It did set back the market.

BA for Boeing had problems with a downed plane. It was down $55 to $330 or so. It’s come back up a lot since then. Here is why I bring this up: BA is a Dow stock—one of the 30. This selloff accounted for $340 points.

As it started back up, the Dow moved back—getting close to Zero Points down. I constantly try to connect the dots. One stock affects the Dow that much. If BA had not had this bad news, the Dow would be up 160 points or so.

Next: There are statements made by politicians to go after BIG TECH—the new boogeyman on the block. Yes, it’s a power grab. If in their Socialists Dreams they can OWN these businesses, then REGULATE it to death.

One of the problems I have with Socialism (Read that Communism-Lite) is that , in that form of government bad people always rise to the top. Look around the world and you’ll see what I mean.

Wade Cook